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issue 11 │ 6 │ SODA DRY LAKE, CA TRAILS IN THE US FOR GREAT OFF-ROADING The United States boasts quite a few incredible off-road trails. If you have the time and capabilities to check each of these out, they'll provide plenty of lasting memories, plus help you respect the diverse nature of this country's geography. This certainly isn't the most technical trail on the list, but at 140 miles, it still presents plenty of challenges and rewards. Native Americans first established the trail, which is wide and mostly flat, then explorers and pioneers expanded on it. The U.S. Army has also traveled over it countless times. Today, many off-road enthusiasts hit this trail. It passes Joshua Tree Forest, Rock Spring, the Colorado River, and passes through Soda Dry Lake. TREMONT, PA TELLURIDE, CA Your rig must be street legal to use the trail, or California authorities might ticket you. If you head to Colorado, this trail located outside Telluride is worth checking out. It measures 9.2 miles long, and is not recommended for anyone who doesn't have solid experience. The trail is only open from July through October. During those 9.2 miles of this point-to-point trail, you climb 1,938 feet. That means absolutely amazing views along the way, including the famous Bridal Veil Falls. Tight switchbacks with slippery slate rock, plus intimidating drop-offs can make for a nerve-racking and exhilarating experience. Thanks to the switchbacks, this should be considered an advanced trail. Many of the great trails in the United States lie in the West, so this area in Pennsylvania really sticks out. The park covers 3,000 acres, with trails ranging from easy to advanced. You're required to practice the buddy system, or at least two vehicles must head out on a trail together. While it's a bold claim, some people say Rausch Creek is the Moab of the East Coast. Considering the broad range of trails, and the technical quality of many, that's not a completely off-base comparison. EASY MOST DIFFICULT EXTREMELY DIFFICULT

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